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Get free virtual classroom sessions facilitated by a qualified counsellor through our Kids Helpline @ School program.


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get a Kids Helpline counsellor in your virtual classroom  

This prevention and early intervention program encourages help-seeking by connecting your students directly to Kids Helpline’s support service. Students will improve mental health literacy by learning directly from a qualified counsellor. 

fun interactive online learning for students

Promote social and emotional learning for your students with virtual classroom sessions involving games, activities and fun! Sessions are free, so book as many topics as you like. 

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age-appropriate mental health & wellbeing education 

Sessions are available to all primary schools and high schools in Australia.



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Our sessions are created to suit students’ specific age levels, and can be tailored to your class’s needs. Our topics cover content that is curriculum-aligned and evidence-informed. 

All our sessions are fun and interactive for students! 
for grades: 4-6
apps & gaming
Explore the positive and negative impacts of apps and games, learn how to balance screen time
Pixel Art Game Design With Outdoor Landscape Background
for grades: 3-6
balancing your tech time
The impacts of digital technology use on students and how to have a tech break
Mother Trying To Talk With Doctor On Laptop While Watching Two Kids Staying Home Homeschooling And Distance Learning
for grades: 4-6
being kind online
The importance of making positive, respectful decisions online and how to deal with challenges
being kind online (2).png
for all primary year levels
How to recognise and respond to bullying, and where to get help
adult comforting a crying child
climate change: caring for your inner and outer world
Validate students’ feelings about climate change while teaching effective strategies to manage tricky emotions
climate change.png
for all primary year levels
cyberbullying: be the change
Understanding what cyberbullying is (and isn’t), and how kids can get help and report it
For all primary year levels
developing resilience
Resilience strategies to 'bounce back' and be emotionally strong in the face of adversity
Unexpected Resilience Of Eggs Between Two Pillars Of Stone
for all primary year levels
Tips to make friends, and how to grow healthy friendships
Cheerful Young Boy Using A Smart Phone In A Park
for all primary school year levels
intro to Kids Helpline
How your students can get free, 24/7 support in a range of ways, for any reason
for all primary year levels
let's talk about emotions
How to name and deal with challenging emotions such as worry, anxiety, anger and sadness
Five Girls Covering Face With White Boards Set Of Painted Emotions
for all primary year levels
online safety
What is online safety, how to protect yourself, and what to do if things go wrong online
Close Up Computer Engineering Writing Programming Code In Database On Laptop Keyboard
for grades: 4-6
peer pressure
What is peer pressure, how does it happen and how can you stand up to it
PASS on peer pressure.png
for grades: 3-6
positive online footprints
Explore digital footprints and practice strategies for being a good online citizen
Number codes on a digital screen with a maginifying glass hovering over the words 'digital footprint'
for grades: 4-6
thinking about social media
How to think critically about what is posted on social media and how to be in control of your social media usage
child looking a camera while browsing a computer
for grades: 6
transition to high school
Share and learn normal concerns about starting at high school and get prepared to make the transition
for grades: 5-6
unlocking your inner leader
Develop leadership qualities through practicing confidence, communication and active listening skills
 Footsteps In The Sand
for all primary year levels
your right to safety
Essential tips for kids about personal safety at school and home, and getting help
Stranger safety.png
for all high school levels
coping with changes & transitions
How to cope with changes and transitions in life, school, home and the community
young woman pressing hands against temples with her eyes closed in front of a backboard with a brain drawing, colours splashing out from one side
for all high school levels
cyberbullying & mental health
Practical tips to identify and challenge cyberbullying, and have positive online interactions
Teenage boy laying in bed on iphone resting his head on his hand
For all high school year levels
emotional intelligence
Learn the purpose of our feelings, how emotions work, and how to self-regulate
3d Emoji Face Yellow Balls
For all high school year levels
everyday resilience
Understanding how to be resilient against the setbacks and challenges of school and life
Backlight On Green Wild Seedling Growing In Stone Fracture
for all high school year levels
Kids Helpline & help-seeking
A session to normalise help-seeking. Students learn about Kids Helpline, what they can talk to us about, and how counselling works
KHL help my students.png
for all high school year levels
respectful relationships
Learn how to manage boundaries within relationships and explore respectful communication styles
Positive Group Of Young People Having Fun At Public Park
for all high school year levels
your online wellbeing
How to contribute positively and stay safe in the online and digital world
Your online wellbeing.jpg
for teachers and educators
how Kids Helpline can support schools
A pre-recorded video about how Kids Helpline can help you support young people in your community.
Thumbnail for Pre-recorded session how Kids Helpline can support school and community
for all primary year levels
intro to Kids Helpline
A pre-recorded video to help students understand how to get support.
Thumbnail for Pre-recorded session intro to Kids Helpline
for all primary year levels
safe & happy holidays
A pre-recorded video about staying safe, beating boredom and how to get support.
Thumbnail for Pre-recorded session safe and happy holidays
for all primary year levels
tips for starting your term well
A pre-recorded video about how to make the most of a new school term.
Thumbnail for Pre-recorded session tips for starting your term well
for all primary year levels
climate change: caring for your inner and outer world
A pre-recorded video helping students understand and feel agency about their eco-anxiety
climate change.png
tips to have a good school term
A pre-recorded video about how to make the most of a new school term.
4 teen girls smiling in school uniforms
free webinar: let's get real about teen mental health!
A Kids Helpline counsellor shares what they've learned from talking to thousands of teens.
Kids Helpline Webinar Schools campaign 2024

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