fundraise for Kids Helpline

Every day Kids Helpline is here for young people across Australia. But we can’t do it without the community’s support.



have FUN raising funds 

Your fundraising event is not only a terrific way to support Kids Helpline – it’s also great for creating awareness of the help and support we provide to children and young people.

when the bell rings, we’re here to answers their calls for help
Last year, one in six contacts answered by Kids Helpline counsellors were suicide-related, with children as young as seven reaching out for crisis support. Your support means their calls are answered.
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3 easy steps 


Create your page

Easily set up your fundraising page using GoFundraise

Share your fundraiser

Promote your page to friends, family and the community

Have fun!

Don't forget to tell us about your fundraiser so we can thank you and your supporters
Did you know? Half of Kids Helpline’s funding comes from the community. We can’t do this without you. Thank you.

"Kids Helpline counsellors helped me to understand that what someone did to you had absolutely nothing to do with you and was never your fault. Someone’s inability to love you doesn’t make you unlovable.”

- Emma 13

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Choose a fundraising event or idea that inspires you 
Read through this webpage to get an idea of what is involved. Decide what type of fundraising you’d like to do. 

Before you start 
We would love to know about your fundraiser so we can support your journey. Research whether your fundraising activity requires any type of permits, licences or insurances.

If you're stuck for ideas, it’s worth checking out what others are doing, like community clubs or organisations that have hosted fundraising events. You may find ideas to enhance your event or you might see things you’ve missed. And remember, our team is here to help you!

Set up your GoFundraise event page 
We highly recommend you use GoFundraise and encourage people to donate to your page. That way you don’t have to handle any money or issue any receipts – it’s all done for you!

Set your goals
How much do you want to raise? By when, and what help do you need to get there?

Make a plan
Your plan should include what your fundraising targets are, any costs, what needs to be done, if you need help, and what promotional materials are needed. Make a list.  

Promoting your fundraiser  
Let your friends and family know about your idea or event. Send them a link to your fundraising page. Include a great piece about why you have chosen Kids Helpline. You may want to ask their help or ask them to spread the word!  
If you have a personal story or connection to Kids Helpline, this is a great place to share it.

Depending on what type of fundraising you’re planning, local businesses may like to get involved. People are often willing to help, and it doesn't hurt to ask if they will donate something you might need to make your fundraising event a success.

Accepting donations
It’s so easy to set up and process donations. People donate via your fundraising page and you don’t have to handle or bank any money, plus your donors receive a receipt and we are automatically notified about what you’ve raised. This means you can focus on the fun stuff!

If you are given  cash donations that is fine too! – there’s just a bit more for you to do. You’ll need to keep the funds secure until you can bank them. We also need you to send us a 'fundraising summary' at the end of your fundraiser so we can identify the funds you bank, send receipts and thank you’s to your donors.

So please let us know by emailing

Please read these terms and conditions. As the organiser of a fundraising activity you have certain responsibilities which we’ve outlined below
Laws and regulations  
You are responsible for ensuring that your fundraising activity complies with relevant laws and regulations, including organising any permits, licences, insurance or authorities to fundraise where necessary, particularly for raffles and competitions. Information on fundraising requirements can be found online through the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).  

Insurance (eg. Public Liability)
You are responsible for ensuring the safety of your fundraising activity. Unfortunately our insurance does not cover activities conducted by outside organisations, groups or individuals. You will need to organise appropriate insurance cover. If your event is taking place in a public area, remember to check with local authorities and obtain any required permits.

Donation receipts 
Donations made online through GoFundraise are already receipted electronically, but you might also receive donations outside of the GoFundraise platform.

If any of your donors require a receipt, please record their details in a spreadsheet, email us at at the end of your activity and we will send receipts directly to each donor.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible, except where goods or services are received in return for payments (e.g. a raffle, auction prize, event ticket, baked goods).


Please email any promotional designs to so we can check and approve before you use them.